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Życie to nie suma oddechów. Życie to suma momentów, kiedy zapiera Ci dech w piersiach.
— Regina Brett
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Nie zabieraj dziecku kamieni spod nóg, bo gdy dorośnie, potknie się o ziarenko piasku.
— Autor nieznany
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Rainbow Drip Vessels by Brian Giniewski Ceramics

Ceramic artist Brian Giniewski produces delightful earthenware vessels that appear to be oozing thick, colorful drips that are frozen in time. The Philadelphia-based ceramicist achieves the texture of the vases and bowls by applying a gritty, matte slip to each piece which contrasts nicely with a special glossy glaze made to melt into drips during the firing process. Giniewski is currently Kickstarting a move into a new studio space and is offering a variety of unique objects. You can see more of his work on Instagram and in his online shop.

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Jeden drugiemu mówi jak powinno być. Spójrz, jak ciężko lekko żyć.
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